Yokohl Valley with Connor

Yokohl Valley with Connor

The weather was questionable, but after only a couple minutes of deliberation Connor and I decided it was worth the risk. After all, getting rained on just makes for a better adventure story, right?

We hopped in his brilliant, orange Volkwagen bus (a photographer’s delight) and headed up the highway towards Yokohl Valley, an area I’d been wanting to explore with a camera for quite a while. It was a learning experience for each of us too. Connor was just getting into photography and wanted to take his new camera out for a spin with someone who could offer some insight into the trade. I was excited for a chance to practice shooting some lifestyle commercial photography. I’ve never done this type of work, and this quick yet relaxed trip seemed like a perfect opportunity to take some photos showcasing my Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag, which I absolutely love.

At the end of the day it was a great trip. We both ended up with photos that we loved and even better, a stronger friendship. And we didn’t even get rained on!

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