Fresno Rooftop Adventures

12 . 20 . 2016

Fresno, California is one of my favorite cities.


I lived in Fresno for four years during my college years, and by graduation I had built many amazing friendships and had so many incredible memories. After finishing school, I moved back to Visalia, about an hour south, and even though the drive is not bad at all, it’s a little to far for me to be actively involved in the Fresno community.


When my friends Matt and Nick contacted me about hanging out and getting some photography practice I knew I wanted to take them to Fresno and show them around some of my favorite spots downtown.


Fresno often gets a bad rap due to some negative metrics and stereotypes that national news seems to associate with the Central Valley and unfortunately, Downtown Fresno experiences much of the same prejudice even from Fresno dwellers, but the reality is, things are changing in the heart of the city, and new life is springing up everywhere. I love walking my friends around downtown Fresno and sharing some of the exciting changes being made, talking about the people who are making a difference, and pointing out some of the rad locations that make Fresno a city worth being proud of! This particular trip included stops at:


Bitwise Industries


Warnors Theatre

Kuppa Joy – Fresno

and conversations about:


Ampersand Ice Cream

Agape Creative Studios

(click on any of the above for more information about these Fresno game changers!)


The funny thing is, now that I’m writing this post, I realized I didn’t take any photos of these locations, haha! I was too busy gushing about how special they are! Sorry!


Anyways, when we stopped for coffee at Kuppa Joy we ran into one of my best friends and amazing photographer, Michael Gregory. He was meeting one of his friends, Brayden Estrada, to go shoot photos downtown at sunset. Since that was the purpose of our trip to Fresno anyway, we decided to join them! Random meet ups like that are so common in Fresno, it’s definitely a city with a small-town vibe.


After some quick introductions, the five us jumped in our vehicles, headed to one of our favorite DT Fresno locations and proceeded to spend the next couple hours snapping photos of each other, being goofy, and getting to know each others’ stories a bit more. The reality is, the new changes and locations are fantastic, but my favorite thing about Fresno will always be the genuine people you meet and the heartfelt community that exists there. That’s what day was all about: engaging with one another, encouraging one another and enjoying one another.


Enjoy some photos.

  • Yareli

    These photos are amazing! Which building was this? And how were you able to get to the rooftop? Was it open and accessible or did you ask for permission?

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